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Find what you need to craft a strong stable ministry, whether you are in vocational ministry or not. You'll find resources for discipleship and leadership so that you can lead with confidence and wisdom.

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Discipleship Books

Some instruction is timeless. Regardless of the age in which we live, certain instruction carries no expiration on its relevance.

Books for anyone who leads others spiritually

Lead Like a Shepherd

When leaders truly understand Peter’s words of exhortation to lead like a shepherd, then they will begin to see the path that leads them to Leading Well.

A Contrarian's Guide to Knowing God

A down-to-Earth guide to knowing God. You’ll find rich encouragement and wise counsel that will help you draw closer to God even if you’re not a neurotic, hyper-disciplined, Type-A personality.

Thriving in Babylon

Meet a man forced to live in a fast changing and godless society. He faced fears about the future, concern for his safety, and the discouragement of a world that seemed to be falling apart at warp speed. Sound familiar?

Accidental Pharisees

Zealous faith can have a dangerous, dark side. Larry Osborne diagnoses nine of the most common traps that can ensnare Christians on the road to a deeper life of faith. Rejecting attempts to turn the call to follow Christ into a new form of legalism, he shows readers how to avoid the temptations of pride, exclusivity, legalism, and hypocrisy.

10 Dumb Things Smart Christians Believe

People don’t set out to build their faith upon myths and spiritual urban legends. But somehow such falsehoods keep showing up in the way that many Christians think about life and God.

Leadership Books

Discover what it takes to lead in ministry so that people and leaders stick around and thrive in your organization.

The "Sticky" book series for pastors and vocational church leaders

Sticky Church

Pastor Larry Osborne makes the case that closing the back door of your church is even more important than opening the front door wider. He offers a time-tested strategy for doing so: sermon-based small groups that dig deeper into the weekend message and tightly velcro members to the ministry.

Sticky Teams

With warm encouragement and penetrating insights, Pastor Larry Osborne shares his secrets to building and maintaining a healthy and unified ministry team that sticks together for the long haul.

Sticky Leaders

Pastor Larry Osborne, explains how understanding the dirty little secret behind change and innovation can bring both stability and creativity to organizations, especially those with teams of people that focus on innovation, creativity, new ideas, and problem-solving.


Small Groups has been the hub of North Coast Church ministry since 1985. Since then, adult participation has maintained 80% or more. This is your road map Small Groups ministry.

For pastors and directors who oversee a Small Group ministry

Sermon-Based Small Group Starter Kit
Small Group Essentials Training Kit

Leadership Conferences

All Access Pass to recordings from past leadership conferences

All Access Pass North Coast Leadership Conference 2022
Leadership 2021 ALL ACCESS PASS
Staying the Course 2018
North Coast Women's Conference 2023
Thriving in Babylon 2019
Identity Theft 2017
North Coast Women's Conference 2022

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