Sticky Teams is a leadership based conference that focuses on ministry team development through expert trainings, engaging topics, and creative learning environments.

San Diego, Ca | October 15 & 16, 2019

Who are Sticky Teams attendees? 

  • We have approximately 850 attendees at each conference that join us from all over the U.S.
  • Attendees typically serve in decision-making roles: Senior Pastors, Teaching Pastors, Ministry Leaders, etc …
  • Attendee Church denominations vary and include a wide-ranging of denominational and non-denominational ministries.
  • Attendee Church size range from 100 members to 3000 members and include one site and multisite locations.

Why participate in Sticky Teams conferences?

  • The relatively small conference registration size allows you direct access to attendees.
  • Prominent booth space places your business in prime locations for attendee engagement.
  • Conferences are limited to a few sponsors and vendors, which allows for focused brand exposure.
  • The conference is designed to include team-based attendance, so you have the opportunity to interact with several attendees from each church.
  • Attendees are typically decision-makers, allowing you to meet directly with the ones that are able to decide on the opportunity you are presenting.
  • Sponsors and vendors are promoted before, during, and after each Sticky Teams conference too all attendees.

Become a Sticky Teams sponsor today!

There is a limited amount of space for all sponsors and vendors. 

In order to secure your spot as a featured sponsor or vendor, please complete the sponsor form below to start the process. Once you do, someone from our Sticky Teams leadership team will reach out to you with your next steps. We look forward to seeing you this year at Sticky Teams!