About Us

North Coast Training helps you craft strong, stable ministries that prepare you and your teams to break through barriers, overcome plateaus, and position for growth. We offer a variety of programs and services that cater to your specific needs and will help lead your ministry to the next level. Our areas of expertise include team development, strategy/direction, senior leadership, creating clarity, small group ministry, and multi-site ministry.

Valerie Hollister

Executive Director

Meet Valerie

Valerie joins our team with 15 years of experience in Ministry and Special Events and has been attending North Coast Church since 2015.

Her love for ministry and the local church was sparked out of short-term mission trips to Kenya and Uganda, Africa. Her passion for seeing the local church and its leaders rise up to be all God called them to be is one of the many reasons she loves her role with the North Coast Training Network.

In her spare time, Valerie also enjoys coordinating weddings with her company, Beatific Events. Valerie holds her Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Hotel Management, from California State University Long Beach.

She and her husband Corey love spending time in the great outdoors, cycling, hiking, camping with their son Micah.

Tona Kelley

Training Administrator

Meet Tona

Tona Kelley is the assistant to Pastor Larry Osborne & the administrator for North Coast Training Network. She joined the North Coast Church family in 2018, when she moved from Henderson, Nevada to beautiful Southern California. She has always had a passion for hospitality and using her gifts to serve others. She loves crafting memorable experiences through workshops, gatherings, and conferences. Which connects pastors from all over the world to build on their skills, collaborate, and grow in spiritual depth. Working on this team has given her an incredible perspective of the shared mission of discipleship. Leaving her to feel grateful and inspired each day.

Tona is a wife and mother to two beautiful children and two very large, cuddly, Great Danes. They enjoy a high-energy lifestyle that allows them to be together. Their favorite thing to do as a family is to go on trips exploring national parks and their local beaches.

Sarah Shadrick

Marketing and Events Coordinator

Meet Sarah

Sarah has been attending North Coast Church since 2015. She has served in multiple areas of ministry from High School Ministry to North Coast's School of Ministry. She joined the North Coast Training staff in 2023 and enjoys that much of her job is spent honing social media, and connecting with pastors from around the country. Sarah feels privileged to be able to pour into the leadership of the body of Christ.