Customized Team Consulting

Grow your ministry and expand your impact with a customized, team-based consulting session at North Coast.  Topics include Sermon Based Small Groups and Multi Venue/Multi-Site Ministry.  With two full days of content, your team will hear from both Larry Osborne and our key practitioners in each ministry area. Limited to three church teams per session.

Sermon Based Small Groups

Wednesday-Thursday, April 15-16, 2020

Custom Workshop

  • Contact us today to schedule your team
  • Presenters: Larry Osborne, Dave Enns or Ned Mervich
  • Team Requirement: Team of 4 including Sr. Pastor

Sermon-based small groups are the hub of ministry at North Coast Church.  Take a behind the scenes look at what keeps our small groups ministry thriving at this two day workshop.

Multi-Venue/Multi-Site Ministry

Contact us to schedule your team session today.

  • Available dates: March 26 & 27, 2020
  • Presenters: Larry Osborne & Jay Foulk or JD Larson
  • Team Requirement: Team of 4 including Sr. Pastor

Looking to expand your ministry and reach more people? This all-access and behind-the-scenes look at North Coast’s video venues and weekend services will guide your team through the needed how to’s and hot tips to get you on the right direction. Come and be part of a movement that has changed the way church is done.