Circles Not Rows


A systematic guide to assist churches in establishing the groundwork for small groups and nurturing a network of friendships rooted in Jesus and His word.

My hope is that you will read this book and apply the established system and approach to building a healthy foundation of small groups & powerful connections within your church community.

First, my goal is to provide practical guidance for church leaders & members. This step-by-step approach helps churches build and strengthen small group connections, and readers will find actionable advice & strategies that can be implemented within their own congregations, making it a valuable resource.

Second, I want to help others create lifelong communities & long-term impact within their church. My book promotes a vision of sustained spiritual growth and transformation, encouraging readers to invest in the long-term health & vitality of their church, while emphasizing the importance of fostering genuine, Christ-centered relationships within a church. It also offers insights into how small groups can become lifelines of friendship, allowing individuals to grow spiritually and support one another in their faith journeys.