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Stop Measuring the Wrong Things!

This post originally appeared on and has been published here with permission. The fact is most of our old metrics don’t work anymore. COVID-19 made a mess of everything. That doesn’t mean that metrics are useless. It just means we have to stop measuring the wrong things and start measuring the right things. Metrics …

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How to Not Cancel Small Groups

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, work as we know it has shifted to digital means in quick fashion. The Church has responded rapidly using streaming and social media tools to keep church services and ministries going while we ride out the storm together. Technology has made congregational meeting possible, but what about Small Group ministry? …

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Don’t Worry…We’ll Win!

It’s a strange world out there. And it’s getting stranger all the time. I saw the other day where a federal judge ruled that Ottawa, Illinois’ traditional Christmas paintings of the life of Christ had to go. At the same time, judges in Maryland were striking down a law that had kept adult bookstores out …

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Larry Osborne speaking

Young Eagles Intro

Do you know who the Young Eagles are in your organization? Moreover, do you know what to do nurture them so they don’t fly away? That is the premise of Larry’s newest free video series, Young Eagles. Here is Larry with an introduction of Young Eagles and how to identify them in your organization. Hi, …

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Plumb Lines: Worst Case Scenario

This post is part of series called Plumb Lines where Larry Osborne shares guidelines on how articulating certain “ministry plumb lines” can make decision making a snap, and can make sure that teams are in alignment with the greater mission. To start this series from the beginning, go to the Plumb Lines Intro post. Here’s …

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