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The North Coast Training Network helps you craft strong, stable ministries that prepare you and your teams to break through barriers, overcome plateaus, and position for growth.

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Practical Church Training

Position your church for growth through coaching, consulting, and workshops led by ministry experts who have walked the road you're on. 


The most experienced athletes work with a coach to reach a higher level. Church leaders should be no different. 


Grow your ministry and expand your impact with a customized, team-based consulting session at North Coast. 


Nuts-and-bolts information that you can take home and immediately translate in to growth for your ministry.

"North Coast was the true pioneer of “video venues” and using video as a means to create other live worship service environments. Their experiment has now become a model for starting new churches and for church growth for all different kinds of churches across the country and the world. It has revolutionized church, as we know it. I forever will be indebted to North Coast and Larry Osborne for taking the risk and initiative to experiment and implement such an amazing, effective concept for the local church. Can’t imagine where I’d be and what I’d be doing without your vision."