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Experienced church leaders are faced with the challenge of overcoming ministry barriers, large and small, to achieve sustainable results. The most experienced athletes work with a coach to reach a higher level. Church leaders should be no different. To reach the next level in your ministry you need an outside influence, someone to push you further. That’s what coaching does.

About Church Leader Coaching

Our Church Leader Coaches are experts at helping you to refine your ministry in  the following areas:

Leadership Development

Developing Teams


Small Group Expansion

Multi-Site Ministry


Meeting Growth Challenges

Overcoming Ministry Barriers

“Too many ministries are like an avalanche – lots of commotion and power that simply melts away. Far better to have the strength and stability of a glacier – carving out a Yosemite.”

Larry Osborne, Senior Pastor at North Coast Church

What Sets Us Apart?

Your talents. Your skills. Your gifts. Your abilities. As an experienced church leader, you are called to make a lasting impact. Our principle-based, one-on-one coaching program is customized to your ministry. That’s why we start with the end in mind by bringing you a team of the country’s most experienced ministry leaders.


A true “player coach.” Dave’s focus on connecting people is unmatched. Small Groups and building healthy, productive teams are his forte.


With an uncanny knack for uncovering and developing leadership qualities in yourself and others, Ned has distinguished himself as an extraordinary ministry coach at all levels.


A campus pastor with a keen ability to develop and execute winning game plans; Jay’s insights can help you win big.


JD’s team building, communication and organizational skills have helped to successfully advance small group ministries and multi-site venues for churches across the country.


Dennis has helped hundreds of pastors and churches build superb teams in the areas of communication, production and technology.

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