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Next Level Workshops

These role based workshops are perfect for pastors looking to hone their craft and take their ministry to the next level. Our small class size and lecture-lab model create the perfect environment for interaction and learning. With key North Coast practitioners as presenters, you’ll leave with practical, nuts-and-bolts information that you can take home and immediately translate in to growth for your ministry.

Larry on Leadership

Designed for Senior & Executive Pastors

Virtual Sessions: August 2, 9, & 16, 2021

Presenter: Larry Osborne, Teaching Pastor

Join Larry Osborne for a 3-session online focused on HOW TO GROW A CHURCH AND STILL HAVE A LIFE.

You'll learn:

  • The five most overlooked keys to a healthy church and family life
  • Why the pursuit of "balance" is a waste of time
  • The five subtle shifts that sabotage evangelism and discipleship
  • The critical difference between a leader and a disciple
  • The six most common roadblocks to church growth

What Leaders are Saying

Tyler Drewitz, Ridgeline Church

“Access to hearing straight from Larry and his overall very vulnerable approach. North Coast in general and Larry in particular does a great job of presenting the philosophy behind the methods to empower leaders to effectively lead their churches. So many conferences have a 'do it like us if you want to be awesome' attitude, but your approach truly embraces 'planting the church that you want to go to ' by helping us understand the why without forcing the what down our throats. Thank you!”

Brian Pursley, Lakeside Community Church

“The access to Larry who has so much success, wisdom, and insight without the ego that normally accompanies those things.

Breaking Barriers to Small Group Growth

Designed for Pastors & Directors of Small Groups Ministry

Virtual Sessions: August 4 & 5, 2021
In Person Sessions: November 10 & 11, 2021 

Presenters: Dave Enns & Ned Mervich, Life Group Pastors

This workshop is applicable to any small group model you may be using and will address the five common barriers to help your small group ministry grow. At the workshop you will create an implementable game plan to help you effectively recruit, train, and retain within your unique ministry content.

Workshop Specifics

  • Content presented by North Coast Pastors, Dave Enns & Ned Mervich
  • Implementable game plan to achieve Next Level results in your small group ministry

What Leaders are Saying

Ryan Martinez, Christ Place Church

“I LOVE how intimate the setting was. This could have easily been a conference that HUNDREDS of ministry leaders could attend at one time, but you intentionally keep it smaller and more intimate. This is so very valuable. This workshop is invaluable to anyone trying to establish and grow a small group ministry.”

Alex Berger, Summit Christian Church

“I like getting to seen an existing successful ministry model and have the facilitators available to teach and answer questions.

Looking for the "Breaking Barriers 
For Small Group Growth" resource? Click here and enter the password to view.


Designed for Pastors & Directors of Small Groups Ministry

Thursday, August 12, 2021

Presenter: Philip Byers, Pastor, Coach and Ministry Consultant 

Join Philip Byers, coach and executive ministry consultant with more than 10 years of experience for a FREE webinar on the 5 Keys to Developing an Effective Training Plan for Group Leaders.


Workshop Specifics

  • Content presented by North Coast Pastor, Coach and Ministry Consultant Philip Byers.
  • FREE Webinar

Preaching for Discipleship & Life Change

Designed for Teaching Pastors

Virtual Sessions: July 14, 21, & 28, 2021

Presenter: Larry Osborne, Teaching Pastor

Discover the crucial differences between preaching for applause and preaching for life change, why theological depth and real-life application are not mutually exclusive, how to see those all-too-familiar texts with fresh eyes, and perhaps most importantly, how to become a better you instead of a poor imitation of your favorite preachers.

You'll learn:

  • Preaching for life-change and discipleship
  • Overcoming the two greatest temptations every preacher and Bible teacher faces
  • The critical difference between guest speaking and weekly teaching that nobody talks about
  • The two mistakes that make for interesting sermons and bad theology
  • How and why commentaries can mess you up
  • The four lenses that give fresh eyes to any text
  • How to get an honest feedback and critique BEFORE you’ve preached your sermon.
  • How to reach the lost without losing the saints
  • How to become a better “you” instead of a poor imitation of somebody else
  • How to harness the power of “subliminal” messaging

What Leaders are Saying

Diana Mescher, Cornerstone Church, AZ

“The practice examples, the quick explanation of HOW to use the tools. It was fast-moving, very practical, and painted a picture of how to use each tool. I headed home with a list of very concrete tools to implement or create in my own context.

Also, the accessibility of Larry [Osborne]. Thanks for being available for questions and conversations. The conversation with, and the lived-out examples of your values was impacting.”

Jerry Philips, Sr. Pastor, Scripture is Alive Ministry

“...Pastor that is far beyond where God will take me, willing to show me how to be a better communicator, Pastor, and Husband. Priceless! Perfect two days!