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Next Level Workshops

These role based workshops are perfect for pastors looking to hone their craft and take their ministry to the next level. Our small class size and lecture-lab model create the perfect environment for interaction and learning. With key North Coast practitioners as presenters, you’ll leave with practical, nuts-and-bolts information that you can take home and immediately translate in to growth for your ministry.

Breaking Barriers to Small Group Growth

Tuesday & Wednesday, March 3 & 4, 2020

Presenters: Dave Enns & Ned Mervich, Life Group Pastors

This workshop is designed specifically for Pastors of Small Groups. If this isn’t you, please pass this on to the appropriate person at your church.

This workshop is applicable to any small group model you may be using and will address the five common barriers to help your small group ministry grow. At the workshop you will create an implementable game plan to help you effectively recruit, train, and retain within your unique ministry content.

Bonus Session!

Come early on Tuesday and attend North Coast’s sermon prep meeting at 9am.  You’ll see first hand how our teaching pastors prepare their messages by getting feedback and doing research before they preach. Our Small Group pastors also use this meeting to create the small group homework for the upcoming week, so don’t miss out on this behind the scenes look at North Coast small group ministry.

Workshop Specifics

  • Content presented by North Coast Pastors, Dave Enns & Ned Mervich
  • Implementable game plan to achieve Next Level results in your small group ministry
  • Lunch on Tuesday is included

Larry on Leadership

Wednesday & Thursday, January 29 & 30, 2020

Presenter: Larry Osborne, Senior Pastor

Join Larry Osborne, North Coast Church Senior Pastor, for a two day intensive workshop on what it takes to lead a church team well.  Drawing on over 30 years of experience at North Coast, Larry will share from his successes and failures, along with what he’s learned on his leadership journey.  This workshop includes ample time for interaction and questions throughout the session and during a catered dinner with Larry at his home.  Since our focus is on leadership at the highest levels of church ministry, this workshop is designed for Senior and Executive Pastors only.

Sticky Preaching

Wednesday & Thursday, February 26 & 27, 2020

Presenter: Larry Osborne, Senior Pastor

Discover the crucial differences between preaching for applause and preaching for life change, why theological depth and real-life application are not mutually exclusive, how to see those all-too-familiar texts with fresh eyes, and perhaps most importantly, how to become a better you instead of a poor imitation of your favorite preachers.