Breakout sessions are designed to give you practical tools and tips that will help take your team and your ministry to the next level.

Break-out Sessions take place Tuesday, October 15 at 2:45pm and Wednesday, October 16 at 1:30pm.

Training Your Group Leaders to Deal with Anything!

Dave Enns, North Coast Church

You ever wonder if you’ve equipped your leaders to deal with the diversity of issues that can surface in a group in our current culture? Concerned if your coaching system is really offering what your leaders need to be successful? Join us as we take a look at how to keep your training relevant, yet profoundly simple to address the issues of our age without piling on more meetings.

Empowering & Equipping Volunteers

Kaira Maybury, North Coast Church

This breakout will discuss ways to engage high capacity leaders and volunteers in your congregation and how to give away responsibility to the right people. We will discuss how to create volunteer opportunities built around your volunteers’s gifts, strengths, and capacity while meeting the needs of your church.

Church Planting’s Dirtiest Little Secrets (Tuesday Only)

Tom Bennardo, Fellowship of Evangelical Churches

Church planting has become a cottage industry, full of field-tested, sure-fire methods, dazzling success stories, and promises of adventure and impact.  What doesn’t get mentioned are the not-so-spectacular, yet universal realities every planter and planting project will experience.  This session will reveal those dirty little secrets, so that planters and sending churches can be better prepared for the actual—and still incredibly worthwhile—journey that church planting will be.

The “Fast Growth” Seduction: Giving Yourself Permission to Change the Way You Measure Your Church’s Success (Wednesday Only)

Tom Bennardo, Fellowship of Evangelical Churches

Explosive, rapid growth.  It’s universally celebrated, relentlessly pursued, and largely unchallenged as a viable goal for every church.  What if it’s based on a fundamental flaw?  And what if there’s a better way to gauge true impact?  This session will show how “fast growth” is often “suspect growth,” and will explore ways to recognize, value, and embrace God’s “slow” pace toward substantive growth.


Erin Dougan, North Coast Church

CONFLICT! At first glance it’s a scary word. When it shows up do you run from it or run toward it? My 20 years in ministry leadership has taught me a thing or two about conflict and conflict resolution.  Let’s explore how to create a culture of honesty and openness as we navigate the conflicts that naturally arise while leading others.

Self-Leadership (Tuesday Only)

Ned Mervich, North Coast Church

One of the greatest leadership challenge most leaders have is how to lead themselves. Leading ourselves well is the prerequisite to leading others well. Self-leadership requires us to do the inner work of leadership so we can do the outer work well and wisely. This breakout session will explore what it takes to lead yourself well.

The Introverted Leader (Wednesday Only)

Ned Mervich, North Coast Church

Does being an introvert mean you can’t be a great leader? The success of leaders like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett strongly suggests the answer is no. If you’re an introvert, this breakout session will help you understand yourself better and suggest ways to lead which are consistent with how God has made them. For extroverts who work with or report to an introvert, this session will expand your understanding of the introvert’s world.

Leading from the Middle 

Kirk Jones & Connor McFadden, North Coast Church

Thinking that you need to be on top to lead simply isn’t true. We will be taking a look at how to maximize influence by leading from the middle while still supporting the Senior leadership at the top.

Measuring Leadership

Kristen Lascola, North Coast Church

Are you a good leader? According to who? We’d all like to think we are, but how can we know? Our own opinion of our leadership means very little. The key to this question is exploring the perception of our leadership from the staff and teams we lead regularly. Their opinion of our leadership far outweighs our own. In this breakout you will receive tangible tools and assessments to take back to your team. These tools are meant to reveal blind spots in your leadership so you can better serve those you lead. Join us as we courageously look at ourselves objectively in order to become more effective leaders.

More Sessions Coming Soon!