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Church Planting’s Dirtiest Little Secrets

Tom Bennardo, Fellowship of Evangelical Churches

Church planting has become a cottage industry, full of field-tested, sure-fire methods, dazzling success stories, and promises of adventure and impact.  What doesn’t get mentioned are the not-so-spectacular, yet universal realities every planter and planting project will experience.  This session will reveal those dirty little secrets, so that planters and sending churches can be better prepared for the actual—and still incredibly worthwhile—journey that church planting will be.


Crafting the Moment

Jeff Moors, North Coast Church
Out the 168 hours in a week, we get about 1 or 2 of them with the people that attend our churches. Within those 1-2 hours are we making the most of them? Have you set the environment and created the atmosphere in which meaningful moments can be made and the rest of the 166 hours of their week impacted? In this break out we will talk through how to craft moments that create memories and connections that last well beyond your weekend services.


Digital Church Deep Dive

Andrew Statezny, CDF Capital
We have the greatest communication opportunity in history. With nearly everyone now connected digitally, how do you make sure that you are using technology to pastor people effectively? Spend this workshop learning how to thing about and develop a custom digital playbook that keeps you on mission and advances the vision of your church.


Innovation Advancements in Ministry

Matt Engel, Research Fellow at Leadership Network and Church Innovation Pastor and Evangelist at Gloo

In this session we will have a conversation and bring visibility into some exciting trends happening across data, technology and ministry intersections. Innovation within ministry is rapidly shifting toward a construct of being: Spirit-Led, Christ-Centered, Data-Informed.  What if we can actually measure and compound outcomes and impact not just activities in the church!
Can we inform more direct pastoral moments with the right people in an effort to accelerate the impact of ministry?

Leading from the Middle 

Kirk Jones & Connor McFadden, North Coast Church
Thinking that you need to be on top to lead simply isn’t true. We will be taking a look at how to maximize influence by leading from the middle while still supporting the Senior leadership at the top.


Making Room: Creating Space for High Capacity Volunteers

Kaira Maybury, North Coast Church
This breakout will discuss ways to engage high capacity leaders and volunteers in your congregation and how to give away responsibility to the right people. We will discuss how to create volunteer opportunities built around your volunteers’s gifts, strengths, and capacity while meeting the needs of your church.



Ned Mervich, North Coast Church
One of the greatest leadership challenge most leaders have is how to lead themselves. Leading ourselves well is the prerequisite to leading others well. Self-leadership requires us to do the inner work of leadership so we can do the outer work well and wisely. This breakout session will explore what it takes to lead yourself well.


“What’s Next” – Leading Transitions

Sean Morgan, CDF Capital and Jonathan Hansen, Rolling Hills Christian Church
The real work in leadership transition begins AFTER the baton pass. Yup, after a change of leadership, organizations begin new seasons of fresh vision and deal with alignment problems. When led well, they often result in growth and momentum. What changes are necessary to make early on vs. wait? Are all those leadership axioms you have been taught applicable during a season when you are not yet sure how established you are as a new leader (beyond just the title)? You have inherited someone else’s board, some else’s staff team, and a whole host of unwritten expectations, not to mention culture; how do you make changes to the team? And of course, as a staff member, how do you survive a new boss? Sean Morgan and Jonathan Hansen have been involved in coaching and leading transitions and will bring knowledge, expertise and never before released Barna research to this breakout. There will be key learnings from all this and a fair amount of laughs at the mistakes that were made along the way. This session is guaranteed to help you thrive in seasons of change and transition!

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