Plumb Lines of Ministry

Do you remember back to when you first began in ministry? Mission and vision seemed so clear and the outlook ahead was optimistic. But over time, it can feel like the whirlwind of daily tasks and meetings can make us veer off course. We can lose sight of the original mission. This doesn’t happen intentionally, of course, but it happens to everyone at some point.

In construction, plumb lines are guides that ensure builders stay in alignment to a true point. What do plumb lines have to do with ministry and how are they supposed to help us with day-to-day decisions? Pastor Larry Osborne shares guiding principles for church leaders in the free video series, Plumb Lines.

In this new series, you’ll learn the basis of ministry plumb lines, how to develop your own, and some examples of how they have worked at North Coast Church over the years.

Plumb lines are not just your mission or vision, they encompass some of that, but as an organization grows they also act as a the rules of the road on how to operate on a daily basis. By setting plumb lines in ministry, your organization can operate under the same broad guiding principles of the mission while being adaptable to the ever changing landscape of today’s reality.

Pastor Larry shares more about plumb lines in this blog post.


This video is the first of the Plumb Lines series available for free on YouTube, To watch the video, click below.

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