Break-Out Sessions

Sessions are offered on Tuesday at 2:45 pm.

Planting (or starting) Healthy Life-Giving Churches with Sustainable Structures  

Ben Brinkman, Canvas Church

Are you a future lead pastor wanting to plant a church or a current lead pastor wanting to start new churches? Learn how to start and sustain a healthy life-giving church that will use the dream that God has put in your heart to impact your city. No matter what season of ministry you are in, you will be equipped with practical next steps on how to start.

Student Ministries in 2017

Chris Hilken, North Coast Church

Its 2017. Has there ever been a more trying time to be a youth leader? We have to be equipped to wear 35 different hats while engaging a world around us that promotes pluralism, rejects absolute truth, encourages complete sexual exploration, rejects a literal Bible, receives news and theology from Youtube, has an epidemic of fatherlessness and rampant divorce rates. How do we teach hard topics? How do we create a safe place for the non-Christian to belong, while creating disciples in a healthy church environment? Join Chris to learn more about Student Ministries in 2017.

Leading or Waiting?

Kristen LaScola & Erin Dougan, North Coast Church

As women in leadership, where should our motivation come from so that we can live up to our calling? How can we have the right mindset and equip ourselves to thrive where God has called us for the long haul? Kristen and Erin will lead you through an honest reflection on where you are at in ministry, where you need to be and where you want to go in the future.

Launching Your Next Campus

Jay Foulk, Campus Pastor, North Coast Church

Growing a church through multi-sites presents unique challenges.  Come learn about how North Coast Church runs 5 campuses comprised of 12,000 weekly attendees.  Walk away with practical insight such as what staff to hire, how to find your perfect location and so much more on how to launch your next campus!

Reaching, Keeping, and Equipping Millennials

Jeff Moors, North Coast Church

Millennials are often mislabeled and misunderstood. For the longest time, the church looked at them as the next generation, but they are no longer next, they are now, and if you are not attracting, discipling, and empowering them, you are behind the curve. In this breakout, we will discuss what your church can do to start or continue to reach the largest generation in our country’s history.

Keeping Your Team for the Long Haul

Charlie Bradshaw, Executive Pastor, North Coast Church

No matter the size of your church or staff, you will learn time tested and proven principles to help you keep your team together and heading in the right direction. Everything you will be learning works with paid and non-paid (volunteer) teams. Keeping your team together for the long haul is essential to successful leadership. Charlie’s insight will guide you to greater success in having a “sticky team.”

Identity and Self-Awareness

Ned Mervich, North Coast Church

Our identity plays a big part in how we lead. And our identity is shaped by our personalities, our strengths and weaknesses, our emotional intelligence, our motives, our blind spots, and our leadership style. This breakout session will help you increase your understanding of how you are wired and what you can do to lead more authentically in light of who God has made you.

Creating a Small Group Leadership Pipeline

Dave Enns, North Coast Church

Feeling trapped on how to find more leaders for your groups?  Having problems with leaders not sticking around and quitting? Wondering how to create training events your leaders will actually attend?  Join Dave Enns as he shares North Coast’s best practices on how to build a leadership pipeline to recruit, train, and retain effective small group leaders.

How to Keep a Volunteer for Life

Dennis Choy, Communications and Production Pastor, North Coast Church

Struggling to keep volunteers in your ministry?  In this breakout, Dennis will focus on things you can do to keep volunteers on your team. You’ll get practical insights to put into play immediately that can enhance, motivate and help your volunteers feel cared for as well as equipped to serve.