You’re Invited!

IN PERSON: Wednesday, August 16, 2023 | 9AM-5PM

Presenter: Chris Brown, Lead Pastor 

Join Pastor Chris Brown for an in person workshop at his home in Oceanside, CA. Your day will focus on practical tools to become a better communicator. This session includes his most popular segment using Story-Telling as a platform to launch your sermons.

You'll also enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner poolside.

During your time, Chris will guide you through:

  • Morning session centered on character - finding, relational health and emotional health.
  • Afternoon session centered on crafting your teaching style, finding your voice, creativity, and message.
  • How to see the Bible through a different filter; 9 different points of view to see in any text.
  • If you are not a story teller you are going to learn how to become one.
  • If you consider yourself a story teller, this will put nitrous oxide in your tank.