Sean_CannellSean has been in ministry since 2002, and has been involved in visual media and ministry for over a decade.  His experience has included young adult ministry, church staff positions, campus ministry, and public speaking.  In 2009 he launched  Clearvision Media, a media production business and then co-founded THiNK International with Jeff Moors in 2010. He specializes in media, branding, marketing and is all about hustling to make big things happen with limited resources.  For almost a decade he has been a student of biblical wisdom, church history, churches,  ministries, businesses and starts-ups that are reaching people in new and effective ways.  Sean is passionate about the individuals reaching their full potential and impacting culture. Sean Cannell is married to Sonja Cannell and they live with two Chihuahuas, Sophie and Rosie, in Las Vegas, Nevada.  He is currently serving in his local church, The Church at South Las Vegas,  as the Director of Communications.

Why are you excited to speak at Sticky Teams?

quotes  I am excited to help people tell their story with social media, save time with the latest strategies and tools and reach more people with their message.

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